Old Spanish King trail Camino Real in California / El “Camino Real” de los misioneros españoles en California

Road “Camino Real” in San Carlos (Silicom Valley)

“Camino Real” en San Carlos



-“Camino Real” near Morro Bay

-“Camino Real” cerca de Morro Bay


-“Camino Real” between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo

-“Camino Real” en el tramo de SB a SLO


“Camino Real” in San Luis Obispo


Elephant Coast, Road Big One California 1


“Camino Real” in mission of Santa Barbara

“Camino Real” en la misión de SB


End of the trail “Camino Real” in Sonoma, Winecounty

-Fin del “Camino Real” en Sonoma


Autor: E.V.Pita (California, 2011) / Author: E.V.Pita (California, 2011)


Fotos / Pictures



Old Spanish trail “Camino Real”: Santa Barbara to Nappa Valley

-El “Camino Real” de California

-O Camiño Real de California


About evpita

Journalist in Spain and student of postgrade in University of Santiago of Compostela (USC)
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